First-in-Human Study

Clinical Study Demonstrates Safety and Efficacy of Microwave Coagulation of Blood Vessels During Advanced Colonoscopic Polypectomy

The safety and efficacy of microwave coagulation of visible blood vessels and the treatment of oozing/actively bleeding vessels (< 1mm in diameter) during endoscopic resection of complex colorectal polyps was demonstrated in a dual-centre prospective trial.

50 out of 51 blood vessels in 31 patients were successfully coagulated using the microwave coagulation function of Speedboat RS2. Of the 30 patients who attended endoscopic follow up at 3 – 6 months, 97% had completely healed scar at the site of their polypectomy.

Microwave coagulation appears to be a safe and effective modality that is easy to apply. No serious adverse events were recorded. No disruption of the normal healing process was noted. Small vessels were successfully treated at a pre-coagulation or bleeding phase using the microwave coagulation.

This data was first published during UEGWeek in October 2016.


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