Improving patient outcomes with Speedboat RS2 – An Eye Witness Account

Creo Medical is focused on the development and commercialisation of minimally invasive surgical devices, by bringing advanced energy to endoscopy. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by applying microwave and radiowave energy to surgical endoscopy. Creo has developed CROMA, an electrosurgical platform that combines bipolar radiofrequency for precise localised cutting and microwave for controlled coagulation. This technology provides physicians with flexible, accurate and controlled surgical solutions.

It was with great pride that Creo’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Gulliford, recently witnessed, first hand, Creo’s Speedboat RS2 device, powered by Creo’s CROMA platform, being used to remove a large lesion from the lower bowel of a patient.

The patient had a lesion identified through routine screening colonoscopy which required urgent surgery. Helpfully for the patient, they were screened at a UK centre which has implemented a new patient pathway to accommodate Creo’s technology. Avoiding surgery, the patient was referred through to the endoscopy department and was successfully treated under local anaesthetic using Creo’s Speedboat RS2. Within 28 minutes, the lesion was precisely resected and the patient was discharged within two hours for routine follow-up and monitoring.

Craig Gulliford, Chief Executive Officer of Creo Medical, said: “It was an honour to watch our products being used as a standard of care. The integration of our technology into the GI surgical pathway not only demonstrates confidence in our technology but also highlights the benefits of enabling minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. The patient was treated under sedation, able to talk to the doctor, even assisting the team by manoeuvring into positions to ensure the most efficient surgery and was back home by lunchtime.

“After the procedure, it was clear from speaking with the nurses, doctors and hospital administration that Speedboat RS2 was easy and intuitive to use within the endoscopy room and is clearly having a beneficial impact on the hospital through the avoidance of a surgical procedure in the operation room and overnight stays, thereby reducing the chance of infection. We believe that Speedboat is the vanguard of change for future GI treatment.”

CROMA’s electrosurgical platform combines bipolar radiofrequency for precise localised cutting and microwave for controlled coagulation. Speedboat RS is the first product approved in a suite of tools under development to aid the endoscopist in minimally invasive surgery. Triaging Creo’s technology within the hospital surgical pathway is expected to improve patient outcomes through shorter outpatient procedures with faster recovery times and reduced risk.

In the US, over 16 million colonoscopies are performed annually. Of these, 1.1 million are likely to find a lesion requiring treatment, half of which are surgically removed. Traditional colorectal surgery is associated with a 6 per cent mortality rate at 30 days because of the risks of puncturing the colonic wall when using traditional surgical blades. Due to Speedboat RS2’s ability to coagulate bleeding vessels when the microwave energy is activated by the surgeon, and to cut or resect when the RF energy is activated, the risk of puncturing tissue could be reduced, offering surgeons a minimally invasive alternative with an enhanced safety profile.